About Us

ACE Education Services is a nonprofit online educational program that offers more than 550 online courses, high school, middle school, and free noncredit courses—to students throughout California and the United States. Enrollment is open to anyone, anytime of the year, with a full semester to complete most courses (except for summer program). We are continually developing more courses in our portfolio, so it is important to check our online catalog for the most up-to-date course listing.

We will offer three types of courses Paper or Online to help high school students learn in many different situations. Our traditional, self-paced Paper/Online courses provide your students with a paper version of the course and online access. Our NEW Online courses provide advanced features and productivity tools, including a student homepage, improved access to student grades, and a student progress calendar. Our NEW Instructor-Guided courses provide students with instructor interaction, including live video conferencing, collaboration with other students through discussion boards, required checkpoints, and active progress mentoring.

NEW Instructor-Guided High School Courses are only $199.99 per 5 credit.  These courses are designed to  help students who need to complete additional credits for graduation. Middle school courses are also available for only $150 per 5 credits.

All of our courses are taught by certified teachers and have the high quality and rigor needed to help students meet their school’s graduation requirements. The courses engage students with multimedia, video, animation, and interactive labs. ACE Independent Study students register online or by phone for a course and can begin their coursework   immediately. After submitting all course assignments, students take a final exam with a certified proctor or at a testing center in their area. Course credit can be transferred to most educational institutions across the nation.

We have a staff of highly trained customer service representatives available by phone, e-mail, or in person. We also have dedicated phone lines and e-mail address just for counselors and educators to receive prompt, specialized service.

ACE Independent Study is a department within ACE Education Services'  Division of Continuing Education in a partnership with local institutions accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).