Ace Img03Online Summer School

Interested in Online High School Summer School Course with Riverside Unified School District Virtual School through ACE Education Services? 
Thank you for choosing ACE Education Services!  This information is designed to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the Online High School Program with Riverside Unified School District Virtual School.

What is the Online Summer School Program? 
ACE Education Services is responsible for registration and payment.  Please note that all procedures, policies and standards of Riverside USD apply to this program.  Please consult with Riverside USD staff if assistance is required for matters not associated with registration or payment.

HOW do we register? 
This program is open to current students of ANY School District. Students must first meet with a school counselor to select appropriate course options. Once the student possesses the appropriate registration class number, please register using one of the following methods:Photo Sign

Register on our secure website with your credit card and secure your seat today. Visit You will have access to your own account to register for and track your classes. Once the registration and payment process is complete, you will receive confirmation via email.

Visit the Admissions & Records Office at any of our three campus locations in Riverside USD Virtual Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm Office hours subject to change.

Payments are accepted during office hours stated above. Methods of payment accepted: credit card VISA, MasterCard and check.

WHERE does the student go for the course? 
Programs offered through ACE Education Services with Riverside USD Virtual School are online and/or hybrid formats.  Hybrid courses require students to attend assignments and/or exams on dates/times and at Selected School sites.  Information for these courses will be provided by Riverside USD Virtual School teachers for students enrolled in hybrid courses. Within three days prior to the course session start date, Riverside Virtual teachers will send information via email to the email address provided at the time of registration.  This email will contain information about logging into the online instruction platform such as a user name and password as well as all of the details needed for the student to get started and complete the course.

WHAT about Grades and Transcripts? 
Grade issuance and grade records are handled by Riverside Unified School District Virtual  Department.

Other questions about registration and/or payment? 
Please contact ACE staff Online at or Telephone (909) 270-9196

Other questions about instruction or grades? 
Please visit the ACE Education Services website at: